Personal T-shirts

Shirts I've made for myself personally, cuz I'm a fucking whore!

Res logo
My LARGE Logo in red!
Double Red Logo
After i printed the small logo on this shirt and wore it a few times, i wanted to see how it would look with the big one planted ontop of it! That's why the ink doesn't match, they were mixed at different times, so I couldn't get it to match since I didn't try
1st Jimi
This is my Jimi Hendrix shirt. I don't sell these, these these are shirts that I just make for my friends. I have too much respect for Jimi than to fuck with any copyrighted image of him!
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But after a while, even though I liked the shirt, it was looking too much like a negative, so I messed with it and reversed it and now it looks much better, well, I think so anyway

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